Constitutive declaration











*     that God has created people from a man and a woman, deciding that they should become different tribes and peoples, and taught them how to get to know each other and how to respect the God given specific qualities of the ones vis-à-vis the others on the principles of spiritual value and moral consistency,

*     that the God's gifts of life, religion, nation, freedom, property and honor are inalienable rights of every man and every people,

*     that Bosniak self-confidence is the truth that obliges the Bosniaks to respect themselves, and that obliges their neighbors to respect Bosniak right to national identity,

*     that the statehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a historical fact into which the life of all generations are woven, and that Bosnia and Herzegovina is the motherland of all the Bosniaks.


*        of our own intellect and ability of today's generation of the Bosniaks, who want,

know how, and is able to change their position of subjects to the position of free Bosniaks, who fear no one but God;


*        of deep awareness and historical responsibility of today's generation of Bosniaks, who have survived genocide, to do everything in their power to prevent their decedents’ from becoming victims of a new genocide;


*        of devotion to Homeland of today's generation of Bosniaks that was shown in the defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina from aggression;




*        of maturity and seriousness of today's generation of Bosniaks that they shall not succumb to neglect, disorganization and to naive attitude toward their national destiny; instead, they shall – after all that has happened to them – take their destiny in their own hands;




*        to strive to accomplish their national rights, Bosniaks are united in their intent to have everything other peoples in the Balkans have; a self-confident nation and a sovereign state;


*        to raise and educate its young generation to live in dignity, freedom, peace and prosperity, while never forgetting the history of suffering and of the persecution of the Bosniak people.

To accomplish the full freedom of the Bosniaks, both in their Homeland and in diaspora, the preservation and affirmation of the sovereign and united Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to contribute to regional and international peace and security,


We are hereby founding


with the seat in Sarajevo

(1)   WORLD BOSNIAK CONGRESS (WBC) is an expression of historical responsibility and national awareness of the Bosniaks to live in freedom, peace and unity, both today and in future;

(2)     WBC will strive for the preservation of unity of the Bosniaks, the protection and affirmation of Bosniak national identity and the continuity of spiritual, cultural and social legacy of the Bosniak people; for the strengthening of links and solidarity between the Bosniak communities and organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Balkans and in diaspora; to safeguard their individual and collective rights, the status and the interests of the Bosniaks; for the preservation of memories of the genocide committed against the Bosniaks, and for actions to fight against denial of genocide, anti-Bosniak sentiments and actions, islamophobia and de-humanization of Bosniak identity, which is the key prerequisite for survival of the Bosniaks on their ancestral land.

(3)     The Bosniaks are a nation that has an obligation to self-respect, and the right to be respected by others, on the basis of Bosniak historical autochtonousness, national self-confidence, cultural identity and moral self-responsibility. WBC ahs the task of spreading and developing these self-evident truths and of establishing and developing national Bosniak line of defense from all potential threats for the Bosniak people.

(4) As a national supra-partisan organization, WBC will follow political developments in the country, the region and the world, focusing on the position and influence of Bosniak national policy in safeguarding vital national interests of the Bosniaks, as the majority people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sanjak, as well as the status of Bosniak communities in the region and diaspora. WBC will prepare annual reports on the state of the Bosniak nation with a public evaluation of the work of all those who have been granted the public right, and have assumed publicly the obligation to conscientiously and responsibly represent and protect national interests of the Bosniaks.

(5) WBC will openly and resolutely strive for the equality of all citizens and peoples, always and everywhere, with a demand to respect – across territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina – the universal democratic principle ONE MAN-ONE VOTE, to eliminate situations where a minority rules over a majority under the false pretext of the fear from majorization of majority over minority. WBC will strive for the rule of law and the rule of just and fair laws.

(6)  WBC accepts international declarations and conventions on human rights and freedoms and shall insist on their implementation. WBC shall pay special attention and approach to the rights of the Bosniaks in the Balkans with special responsibility, and undertake everything possible to ensure that the rights of the Bosniak communities are protected with the aim of preserving and cultivating Bosnian language and Bosniak tradition and culture.

(7) The prosperity of a nation is based on strong economy and development. Therefore, WBC shall bring together Bosniak businessmen with the aim of improving economic situation of the Bosniak people through the elimination of poverty and through providing opportunities to every Bosniak to find his and her place in the economic system based on positive ambition of diligence, individual contribution to economic processes, education and highly moral attitude toward his and her community, as the paramount parameters of success. WBC shall work on the promotion of Bosniak economy in the world, particularly in the markets of Muslim countries and of the leading economic centers with the aim of better promotion of Bosniak economic capacities and technological innovation.

(8) WBC shall establish cooperation with similar organizations in the world for better promotion of Bosniak national identity and to ensure that the world public is informed about Bosniak national culture and tradition. WBC shall especially strive to explain to the world centers of political power the need of the Bosniaks to have a strong, united and efficient state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as the guarantor of peace and coexistence in the Balkans, as well as the shield for the Bosniak people against potential genocide. WBC shall strive for Euro-Atlantic integration of the society and the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

(9)  With full respect and appreciation for the role and importance of the Islamic Community in the preservation of Bosniak national identity, WBC shall preserve the dignity and reputation of the Bosniak Ulama and the Bosniak Mosque, expressing special respect for the institution and the person of Reisu-l-Ulama, as the symbol of unity of Din and Ummah.

(10) WBC shall act in order for Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country with majority Muslim population, to become a full member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Jeddah, so that the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina gets access to different funds for economic and cultural development of all the citizens and all the peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

(11) WBC shall, in the shortest possible time, initiate the procedure of applying for membership in the United Nations in New York, so that it assumes the position of a representative with the World Organization, so that it can warn the consciousness of humanity – of its Never again!, so that Holocaust and genocide never happen again to anyone and anywhere. In this respect, WBC will build on the experience of the World Jewish Congress.

(12)    WBC endorses the establishment and development of Bosniak national institutions: Bosniak Academy of Sciences and Arts (BANU), Bosniak National Foundation (BNF), Matrix Bosniaca, and other organizations of national relevance with the aim of promotion of sciences and arts, and of financial independence, and it endorses further affirmation of distinguished individuals in the fields of science, technology, economy, culture and sports in the spirit of Bosniak national oath – EVERY BOSNIAK IS REPSONSIBLE FOR OTHER BOSNIAKS!

To accomplish the aforementioned program principles, WBC forms the following committees:

–          Committee for Language, Culture and Tradition

–          Committee for Science and Education

–          Committee for Family and Demography

–          Committee for Human Rights, the Rights Victims of War Crimes and Genocide

–          Committee for Diaspora and Return

–          Committee for International Cooperation

–          Committee for Media and Promotion

–          Committee for Development and Economy

–          Committee for Youth and Sport


*     Hayrollah! For more than a century, Bosniaks have been waiting for it, and, now, they have succeeded to see the establishment of the WORLD BOSNIAK CONGRESS in Sarajevo, the spiritual, national and cultural capital of all the Bosniaks. This is the voice of the Pan-Bosniak reason that needs to be heard, because the Bosniak soul can no longer listen to the crying of the innocent child who asks why it had to be killed by those who have no soul at all. This is the beginning of a great and long Bosniak journey that opens up for all the Bosniaks to embark on their historic national path that leads to the goal of establishing Bosniak national line of defense from genocide, the line that would ensure also the state line of defense for the sake of peace, tolerance and reconciliation among the citizens and the peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Balkans and Europe. No doubt, the conscientious, the responsible and the courageous Bosniaks, who are aware of their goal that is not so distant, are the ones who will succeed in this journey of the Bosniak nation.

Sarajevo, 29 December 2012


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